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How I Funded 3 Years of Traveling

Have you ever wanted to take an extended trip overseas? It’s not an easy thing to do. It takes time and money. You need to take time away from whatever kind of life you’ve burdened yourself with and you need to scrape enough funds together to first buy that departure ticket. Now, I can’t help you escape from the drudgery you’ve trapped your life in (maybe) and I can’t help you with funding (yet) but I can give you a hot tip. I can tell you exactly what I’ve done to fund 3 years of travel. It involved hard work (I’ve worked in over 60 jobs, at times holding down 4 jobs at the same time) a little bit of planning, some good luck and and an ocean full of positive vibes. My secret to funding extended travel is easily replicated if you can find the courage. And if you have the tenacity to go through it, your life will change significantly for the better. In one word, here’s my secret;


Find a job in an overseas location. Expatriate yourself. Living and working overseas is just like being a member of the extended travel club. You’re away somewhere else. In a new location. And more often than not, when you have a job overseas, you’ll get holidays. And what can you do when you’re on holidays from your job overseas? Travel somewhere!

I’ve managed to crack 3 years of traveling by taking a “workation” in 4 different countries – the USA, Thailand, China and now Qatar. It’s been an amazing experience! I’ve seen and done so much cool shit and made so many friends from all over the world.

Finding work in another country is fairly simple, thanks to teh internets. There are millions of jobs posted online daily. It’s just a matter of matching your skill set with a job you want, apply and boom, your ticket to extended travel awaits you! Don’t think you have any skills? Can you speak English? Boom English teacher. Guaranteed work all over the world 🙂

But if a workation isn’t your thing, maybe you could try your luck at crowd funding your traveling with something like Trevolta. I haven’t played with Trevolta yet because my travels are sorted till September. I’ll definitely be trying to find a new way to fund my traveling after that though!

But yeah if you think trying to go on workation is your thing, I’d love to hear about it!


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