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The Best Way to Share Your Travel Stories


Congratulations! You’ve traveled to some place, did some things and took a few photos. And now you want to share your precious travel moments with the people you love?


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a) Do nothing and keep all your photos and travel stories to yourself :-(,b) Bore everybody to tears and present a slideshow of all your of your photos along with your boring %26quot;oh you had to be there%26quot; commentary.,c) Dump all your photos onto the Facebook and hope that somebody will leave a comment%26#x002c; compelling you to share a story.,d) Write a blog and attach some photos about your travels in a captivating way that will maintain the attention of your audience.,e) Use Google Tour Builder to graphically illustrate your travels complete with stories%26#x002c; photos and video.’/][/contact-form]


I’ve traveled a bit, I’ve taken a few of photos and I have plenty of amazing stories to share. I’ve also had extensive experience with all the above travel photo & story sharing options. With varying success…

I am a notorious Facebook photo dumper (option c). To me it is the easiest way to share ALL of my photos (last time I checked I had 177 Facebook albums – almost 10,000 photos). Using the Facebook photo dump option is advantageous because it acts as a cloud storage service, it’s a handy way to back up your precious photos. But, from my experience, people seldom look through all your Facebook albums and photos. Unless they’re seriously stalking you…It’s not the most captivating way to share your travel adventures.

It is quite easy to not share your precious travel moments (option a) but this option is the least rewarding. What’s the point of traveling if you don’t share your amazing experiences with anybody? People actually do care about your travels and it’s a bit of a selfish act not to share. Try to avoid option a. Its not fun.

And neither is option b. Have you ever sat with somebody as they went through all their travel photos, giving you a running commentary on each and every one? Did they say, “Oh you had to be there”. Did you yawn? Did you fall asleep? I know I have… Recently I fell asleep while my Mum was showing me her Vietnam backpacking photos while we were on a train from Bangkok to Laos. She hit me. Be warned, option b can lead to violence.

Option D. This website (www.timgardner.info) began in earnest to fulfill my desire to adhere to option d. It began in 2010 when I decided to swap Australia with Asia for 2 years. You can see how well my intentions went. Hello travel writing content? None. Writing compelling blog posts about your travels is tedious. And it’s not easy to write a travel blog in such a way that will captivate the minds of your audience and compel them to continue reading about your entire trip (unless they really love you and your travel adventures).

And then there is option e. I was actually thinking about how I could graphically illustrate my recent motorcycle tour of India on a map. Then Google read my mind and stole my idea and they named it Google Tour Builder.  It uses Google Earth. You pin locations on the map and then it flies over each location. You can add up to 25 photos for each spot on the map. You can add video. You can write some interesting little travel story. It’s wicked. You should try it. It’s way better than simply blogging about your about  travel adventures. I’m currently using Tour Builder to share my travel adventures through India on a Bullet . Let me know what you think! Eventually I will be making tour builds of my travels through China & the USA. Hopefully I’ll get to see your amazing stories on the Tour Builder map too!





3 Responses to The Best Way to Share Your Travel Stories

  1. You hit the nail on the head with this comment, ‘unless someone is seriously stalking you,’ I have to admit I rarely go through your photos until Mum had mentioned something to me so I hit my iPad right away and aggressively stalked you. Ha Ha. Keep the posts coming – you have me inspired to start a blog x

    • I just dumped my Delhi, Dubai and Abu Dhabi photos all over the Facebook. I mostly do it for the convenient place to store it. I just finished writing my India story into the tour builder. Did you see it yet? It’s pretty epic. Over 10,000 words. And the Google Earth plug in makes the journey look so freaking cool. Here’s the link if you haven’t found it yet:


      I’m going to start sending it out tomorrow, so this is the official sneak preview :-p

      I’ve just started putting a tour build together of my China travels. Then I’ll do the USA trip. Then maybe Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the middle east……….
      hooked haha!

  2. […] goal to write a retrospective of backpacking China in 2012. The Dragon Tour would be uploaded to Google Tour Builder the same way India on a Bullet was. Did I complete my May goal? Click here and have a look. I […]

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