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 #Sustainability What shade of green are you?


Alpha Eco

Deeply committed to green causes and saving the planet.

Most likely to be concerned about global warming.

Early adopter of environmentally responsible products (i.e., hybrid autos, organic foods, eco-friendly cleaning products).

Most willing to buy green products at a premium.

—Eco Centric

More concerned about how environmentally responsible products benefit you personally and immediately than you are about abstract, global-level environmental issues.

Willing to pay more for green if you perceive a product is better for your health and well-being.

—Eco Chic

Not particularly concerned about environmental issues, but understand the cachet of their being seen as green.

Ride a scooter.

Shop at upmarket eco-boutiques.

Patronise farmer’s markets.

—Economically Eco

Less concerned about saving the planet -and more concerned about saving money.

Willing to pay more for green products as long as they are convinced it will save them money in the long run.


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