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June, July, August and then?

Seems I was sooooo motivated in May… I set myself 6 goals to accomplish. Its been more than 3 months since then. 109 days later in fact. So how did I do? Did I smash my goals or did I fail spectacularly? To get a sense of success it’s best to revisit what my actual May goals were. They were focused on 3 core areas, fitness, food and fabrication. All 6 goals were written to be Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Time Bound (SMART). My success was limited only by my ability and capacity to commit. Lets analyze the results. Excuse time :-/


“By the end of May I will squat 140kg for 1 rep unassisted”

In mid May I changed gyms which disrupted my routine. The new gym had no squat rack. I had to improvise. It wasn’t safe to lift heavy for 1 rep. There also wasn’t anybody reliable to spot at this new gym either.  At the end of the month I was only comfortable lifting 120kg. 85.71428571428571% successful.

“By the end of  May I will  bench press 100kg for 1 rep unassisted”

Again, same excuse as above. I did smash out some 80kg reps though and that is a personal best. 80.0000000000% successful.

“Everyday in May cook at least one meal for myself “

I did manage to increase my cooking frequency from never to 5 times a week. There were six restaurants downstairs to my apartment in Doha – Sara the Pakistani place, Ayraras for Indian vegetarian cuisine, the newly opened Bangladeshi place, Just Falafel, the 10 Riyal Biryani joint and another cheap and nasty Indian place. Every night in Doha I’d eat out for dinner. My only compromise to cooking was lunch. 5 days a week of cooked chicken, rice and veges. I am not a master chef. Cooking lunch 5 days a week = 71.42857142857143% successful. 

“In May I will write at least 1000 words everyday”

In April I had a decent amount of spare time and I wrote my India travel memoirs. Mean writing output during this time was easily over 1000 words per day. I assumed I could continue this form until the end of May. I would measure success by how much I inputted daily into my account at http://750words.com. According to my May statistics, after May 12th, I wrote a grand total of 791 words. Maybe that total word count was higher if emails, facebook posts, SMS’s etc are included. But yeah nah. 4.163157894736842% successful :-/

“By the end of May I will have uploaded 8 blog posts to this site”

1 blog post in May. 12.50000000000% successful :-/

“By the end of May I will have finished writing about my China travel stories”

At the end of April I finished writing India on a Bullet. It was my 10,000+ word travel saga capturing all the adventures I’d had hooning around India on a motorbike. This inspired me to set a May goal to write a retrospective of backpacking China in 2012. The Dragon Tour would be uploaded to Google Tour Builder the same way India on a Bullet was. Did I complete my May goal? Click here and have a look. I rate this goal one third finished. 33.333333333333% successful :-/

Besides not hitting my goals, what else have I been up to the last 3 months? Heaps. I even crossed something off my bucket list. Can you guess what it was?


Kuwait Iraq Border

Hired a car in Kuwait and drove to the Iraq border. This is where the first Gulf War began. It was 52 degrees outside. Kuwait was an interesting place. And hot.

Qatar Bike

Sold my Qatar rocket ship to some old guy. People thought I was crazy riding a bike in 47 degree heat. The heat wasn’t nearly as crazy as riding in Doha traffic.

Gordon Ramsay's Doha Restaurant

Ate at Gordon Ramsay’s Doha Restaurant



Goodbye Doha

Hello Amsterdam

Hello Amsterdam

Hello Asia

Hello Asia

Hello Germany

Hello Germany, Verna & Ross and Bavarian Beer

Went to Hel. It’s paradise.
Auschwitz concentration camp

Visited a Concentration Camp


Hiked in Slovakia Played a Cop in a Polish TV Crime Show


Started a masters degree

Learnt some new Polish words

Went down a salt mine

Saw Transformers 4

Bought new hiking boots

Destroyed my running shoes hiking

Walked a dog

Saw Lucy

Dropped out of uni

Got excited about sumome

Refocused to work on my muse

Have you done much the last 3 months? Leave a comment below or maybe try leaving a voice mail 🙂

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