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Mount Kilimanjaro because…

Mount Kilimajaro

The roof of Africa they say… more

June, July, August and then?


Seems I was sooooo motivated in May… I set myself 6 goals to accomplish. Its been more than 3 months since then. 109 days later in fact. So how did I do? Did I smash my goals or did I fail spectacularly? To get a sense of success it’s best to revisit what my actual May goals were. They were focused on 3 core areas, fitness, food and fabrication. All 6 goals were written to be Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Time Bound (SMART). My success was limited only by my ability and capacity to commit. Lets analyze the results. Excuse time :-/   “By the end of May I will squat 140kg for 1 rep unassisted” In mid May I changed gyms […] more

India on a Bullet

Bullet 350

India on a Bullet: Memoirs of a hoon Went to India. Hooned. It’s about a 20 minute read. Best viewed here with Google Tour Builder. The getting arrested in Mumbai story is legendary. High speed chase. Guns. It’s a wild ride. \m/>.<\m/ If you can’t open the Google Tour Builder link then read on from here… Forward Want to make 1.2 billion new friends? Buy yourself a Royal Enfield motorcycle, tour India and you’ll get instant admiration from Indians the world over. For many, it’s a dream ride. A trip of a lifetime. But understandably, few have the courage or means to live their dreams. Not me. I lived this dream. And here is the […] more

#FOMO #YOLO Bucket List

Tim Gardner Great Wall of China

#Fear Of Missing Out #You Only Live Once B U C K E T L I S T Recently I wrote about failing. Meh. How about some win? 100 things on my bucket list and I’ve already crossed off 34 36 #winning  Make Money From Something I Love Doing  Walk Down the Street Singing in the Rain  Fill up My New Passport Before it Expires  Live in a Penthouse Apartment  Discover my Family Tree  Buy a Really Nice Camera and Take Really Nice Photos  Go on a 5000km Charity Bike Ride  Hike Along the Great Wall of China  Sell Something for $10000  Perform in a Band Live on Stage  Celebrate NYE […] more