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You have one life what do you really want to do?

 Make Money From Something I Love Doing
 Walk Down the Street Singing in the Rain
 Fill up My New Passport Before it Expires
 Live in a Penthouse Apartment
 Discover my Family Tree
 Buy a Really Nice Camera and Take Really Nice Photos
 Go on a 5000km Charity Bike Ride
 Hike Along the Great Wall of China
 Sell Something for $10000
 Perform in a Band Live on Stage
 Celebrate NYE in Times Square NYC
 Have Two Birthdays in One Day
 Read a Book a Week for a Year
 Go Scuba Diving
 Find Nemo Diving on the Great Barrier Reef
 Go Deep Sea Fishing
 Drive At Over 200km/h
 Road Trip Across Australia
 Recondition a Car
 Live in the Middle East
 Learn Mandarin
 Kill an Animal and Eat It
 Be on TV
 Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
 Present In Front of a Big Audience
 See the Grand Canyon
 Ride a Gondola in Venice, Italy
 Drive a Car Into Another Country
 Eat Something Questionable
 Build a House
 Bungee Jump
 Consistently Blog Once Per Week for One Year
 Drink Vodka in Russia
 Become a Father
 Drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari
 Grow a Plant
 Be in a Movie
 Earn a Masters Degree
 Float in the Dead Sea
 Graduate University
 Get in the Ring and Fight Muay Thai
 Get Married
 Go to the Knoxville Nationals
 Jump Into a Pool Fully Clothed
 Fly a Plane
 Have a Mud Fight
 Live in China for 1 Year
 Hike Kiliminjaro
 Live by a Beach for 6 Months
 Go to La Tomatina in Spain
 Hitchhike Somewhere
 Ride a Royal Enfield Across India
 Race a Motorbike
 Kick a Goal in a Game of Footy (AFL)
 Teach English in Another Country
 Learn How to Ballroom Dance
 Ride a Harley Davidson
 Learn to Meditate
 Ride an Elephant
 Make $1000 Online
 Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
 Publish a Cook Book
 See Metallica Play Live
 Race a Sprintcar
 Swim with Sharks
 Shoot a Gun
 Learn How to Teach Yoga in India
 Learn How to Surf
 Try Windsurfing
 Hike in the Himalayas
 Run a Marathon
 Take a Photo of a Big Cat on an African Safari
 See the Northern Lights
 Take a Road Trip Across the USA
 Teach Yoga
 Trek the Inca Trail
 Try A Fried Snickers
 Take a Photo From the Top of the Worlds Tallest Buildings
 Try Rock Climbing
 Try Paragliding
 Visit NYC
 Shake Hands with a Prime Minister
 Try Kitesurfing
 Write About my Travel Adventures in China
 Visit Disneyland
 Visit a Volcano
 Sky Dive
 Visit Niagara Falls
 Visit Las Vegas
 Trek the Bibbulmun Track
 Write a Book of Memoires
 Visit the Taj Mahal
 Win a Formula 500 Feature Race
 Write 1000 Words Per Day for One Month
 Work in a Summercamp
 Start a Successful Business
 Run With the Bulls in Pamplona
 See AC/DC Play Live
 Take the Trans-Sibirian Railway
 Visit Every Continent in the Worldkydive

You have one life what do you really want to do?

Go on, make a bucket list…

What are you missing out on?

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